Theory for Everything Scientists, beginning with Albert Einstein, have struggled to merge the study of large things with the tiny. Physics encompasses the study of colossal things such as gravity its affect over planets and celestial bodies as well as Electromagnetics and quantum physics, or the study of tiny things such as atoms and quarks. Though scientific laws and theories, work well in their own subject, they don't apply to the other areas of phyics. In a sense, when they are merged they simply cannot mesh.
Some scientists believe that a particle called a Higg's Bozone will be discovered by the LHC, visit this link for more information on that matter.
Others believe in string theory. In string theory, tiny particles are made up of tiny pieces of energy that vibrate in different way in order to appear like other particles such as an electron or proton. Therefore everything is made up of these tiny strings. In the world of quantum physics, there is great uncertainty. In string theory, the whole world operates like the quantum world. Because you can never be sure what happened, everything happens. For every choice you make, every possible outcome occurs. By observation you cancel the possibilities and only the one you observed actually happens. In string theory there are 10 dimensions for everything to operate following their theory and they may soon add an 11th, making the theory difficult for people to fathom. As of now, there is no way to experiment to find if string theory actually exists. Because no experiment is possible, string theory is therefore more philosophy then science. For a more indepth look at this complicated theory visit this string theory site.