Cool Stuff!

​Cool Stuff!

So basically this is where all the awesome things go that apply to physics/science in general.

Combusting stick on a power line:
And this, my friends, is what happens when you connect those two powerful currents of electricity. So never, ever do that. This causes a power outage, like squirrels do during rainstorms. When you connect the power line with another source, an arcing circuit will occur where the electricity escapes the current where it is supplying power to homes, etc. As for the squirrels, when they run on the power lines during rainstorms (water helps conduct the electricity) and jump to the power line poles or something similar, they connect and complete a circuit, which breaks the normal one running through the power line. Oh, and the squirrel dies, poor thing.

Tesla coils Ghostbusters theme:
It's comforting to know that whatever song you play with any instrument, it will never be this awesome. Well it might be, but not on a scientific level.

A physics-y show that everyone has to watch:

Because watching Star Trek will make you that much more awesome.