Physic’s Noble Prize 2009

The Nobel Prize in Physics is one of five Nobel prizes including, chemistry, literature, peace, and physiology or medicine. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards the winners with a gold medallion, a diploma, and an amount of money. Up to three people can receive this award in one year and it is considered one of the greatest accomplishments a physicist can receive. The award is given at a formal ceremony typically on December 10 which is Nobel’s death.

Charles Kao
He received half the prize for his work in long-distance fiber optic communicatios. He started his research of fiber optics systems at Nortel which is in the UK. Fiber optic systems had been puzzling scientists and engineers because they were not efficient and remained good only for short distance signaling. Koa found the impurities of the glass making up this fiber caused the problems. This effected the refractive index of the medium and how much light was wasted by just by neatly piping down the fiber to receiving electronics. This restored the used of fiber optics as communications medium and allowed the creating of ultra-long fibers with low impurities and imperfections. This matters because fiber optics is the backbone to what makes your phone, Net connection, and TV work.
Willard Boyle and George Smith

They received the other half of the prize for their invention of the Charge-Coupled Device. This is a optically sensitive chip that is a neat way of getting data from the individual light-sensitive pixels to the data pipe that connects the sensor the computer. It is the invention that made digital photography possible


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